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Classical Education 

Grades K-7th

At Holy Family Academy, we believe in the time-honored value of a classical education. Built on Greek and Roman foundations, and developed and implemented by the Catholic Church, the classical model of education has long proven an effective way to teach young people not only what they need to learn, but how to learn. In the early grades, there is a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and especially on the trivium portion of those arts: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.* With this focus on the use of language–the uniquely human gift–classical education helps to form the mind and heart to desire, to seek out, and to communicate the good, the true, and the beautiful. 


Our partnership with Memoria Press for much of our curriculum ensures that the materials and lesson plans have been tested and found successful in their application of a classical education. We have developed our own religion curriculum with great care to be inspired by traditional Catholic teachings. 

Some of our classes include:


- Latin

- English/Reading

- Recitation

- Poetry/Literature

- Mathematics

- Science

- Religion

- Art/Music


* If you would like to learn more about the Trivium in classical education, we recommend “The Lost Tools of Learning,” by Dorothy Sayers.


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