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In the words of Our Blessed Mother to Sister Adele Brise, our mission at Holy Family Academy is to "Gather the children in this wild country, and teach them what they need to know for their salvation". Modeled through an adherence to the Catholic Faith and the Mass of All Ages, our classical approach will provide our children with a strong understanding of objective truth, a deep love of familial beauty and virtue, and the discipline to always perceive, pursue, and persevere in their Catholic duty of state.



A School that Catholic Parents Can Trust

Holy Family Academy was founded in the Fall of 2021 by a group of homeschooling parents who wanted to give their children the opportunity to receive an excellent classical education in a setting that fosters love of traditional Roman Catholicism and specifically of the Traditional Latin Mass. In a society that often portrays tradition as simply “out of touch,” the founding members of Holy Family Academy realized that they needed to start a school that would resist the latest pedagogical fads in favor of what is timeless and true. They wanted to give their children an excellent education, but also to facilitate and support other families wishing to do the same. Traditional values and timeless truths are under attack from every direction, and Holy Family Academy aims to be the solution for many parents who are concerned about where they might send their children without fear of the progressivist indoctrination so prevalent in most of the present-day educational infrastructure. In short, our school is meant to foster a culture that the world has tried to eradicate.

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